Horn Collection

Richard Todd has collected many horns of historical significance, including instruments previously belonging to Vincent DeRosa, Jack Cave and Gunther Schuller. 


Gunther Schuller, Alexander 103

 Formerly owned by Gunther Schuller. His career horn used as principal horn in Cincinnati, the Metropolitan Opera, and Miles Davis’ “Birth of the Cool.”

I recorded the second movement of the Beethoven Sonata the day he brought it to me; it was red with oxidation. I first played this horn at his house and immediately recognized its greatness and historical importance. Gunther was my mentor, record producer, and dear friend.

Vince DeRosa, Conn 8D

Serial number 320453. One of the original batches of Conn 8Ds and Vince DeRosa’s career horn. Heard on too many solos to count, and is the most heard horn in the world. A great piece of horn history.

Richard Todd, Conn 8D

A C Series Conn 8D. My career horn until I began playing the Hoyer 6801. Played Here's To Life recording with Shirley Horn on this horn. Also recorded the Rheinberger Sonata with this. Greatest horn I have ever played.

Richard Todd, Hoyer 6801

My beloved Hoyer 6801, my other career horn. Recorded the Star Trek, Intro Darkness and Beyond opening solos on this horn, as well as the horn solos in Tomorrowland, which got me a screen credit. Horns don’t get better than this, just more expensive!

Jack Cave, Alexander

 5 valve single B Flat Sansone model Alexander. Formerly owned and played by Jack Cave, principal horn at MGM from the 1930s until the dissolution of the studio orchestra system. Heard on Gone With The Wind, Wizard Of Oz, and all the great MGM movies. Chosen for him by his uncle, Bruno Jaenicke. I recorded the Brahms Trio on this horn.

Alexander Descant

Single F Descant horn previously owned by James Stagliano and James Decker. Decker used it in the recording of the LA Horn Club performance of the Alec Wilder “Nonet.”

B Flat Conn

With an ornately engraved bell, this is a four valve single B Flat Conn horn from the 1920's.

Hoyer G10

Not a big Geyer style player but I LOVE this horn!!